2020 Natural Gas for Transportation Roundtable
Join Wisconsin Clean Cities and other industry leaders as we examine the multiple benefits of using compressed, liquefied and renewable natural gas as a viable alternative transportation fuel. Hear from Lorrie Lisek of Wisconsin Clean Cities, Jeff Clarke of NGVAmerica, David Cox from The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, Ross Finlan of U.S. Gain, David Hagopian of Advanced VTech, Joel Fasnacht of Kwik Trip, John Welch of Dane County Department of Waste & Renewables, Marc Rowe of Trillium, Dave Westerveld of Ozinga and Hugh Donnell of Cummins...

Ken Notes: Well worth the time and a great overview of creating a new marketplace. With an administration change and a commitment to renewable energy we need to start thinking about drafting legislation to help get there. Of course I strongly support requiring CAFO`s to digest waste, produce RNG and heat the effluent. This would be game changing in Wisconsin!

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