New Report Finds Nitrate Pollution In Drinking Water May Cost Wisconsin Up To $80M In Medical Expenses

Some Cancers, Adverse Birth Outcomes May Be Tied To Nitrate Exposure

Nitrate pollution in drinking water is linked to negative health outcomes that are costing people in Wisconsin anywhere between $23 million and $80 million each year in medical expenses. That`s according to a new report published this week in the journal Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.

The report analyzed nitrate exposure using test results from public and private water supplies. The report`s lead author, Paul Mathewson, a staff scientist at Clean Wisconsin, said they applied a previous study`s model to Wisconsin data to get an idea of the health impacts linked to nitrate in drinking water. 

The report found 111 to 298 cases of colorectal, ovarian, thyroid, bladder and kidney cancer may be caused by nitrate contamination each year. The findings also showed between 26 and 149 cases of adverse birth outcomes, including low birth weight or very pre-term birth, may also be tied to nitrate exposure....


Ken Notes: And no mention of CAFO`s dumping billions of gallons of liquefied manure in our fields and aquifers.

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