Environmental group says expanded pipeline capacity makes Line 3 unnecessary

Honor the Earth said increases on existing pipelines exceed any new capacity created by the proposed Line 3.

An Indigenous-led environmental group said Enbridge`s proposed Line 3 oil pipeline across northern Minnesota is no longer needed, since the company is adding capacity to its network of existing pipelines.

In filings Tuesday, Honor the Earth asked the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to investigate increases in oil moved along the mainline system over the last four years totaling 400,000 additional barrels of oil and the company`s proposed upgrades at its Superior terminal that would boost Lines 4 and 67 — both part of the mainline — by 178,400 barrels per of oil per day...

Ken Notes: I remain very concerned that the older lines will eventually fail. So while I understand not wanting more pipelines the best environmental option may be replacing older lines. I am also not a fan of new routes...

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