Environmental Regulators May Set Levels For Treating Firefighting Foam Containing PFAS Under New Rule

Natural Resources Board Approves Rule After Debating DNR Authority

State environmental regulators would be able to set levels for treatment of wastewater that contains PFAS from firefighting foam as part of an emergency rule that was approved by the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board in a 5 to 2 vote on Wednesday.

The rule now heads to Gov. Tony Evers and Department of Natural Resources Secretary Preston Cole for their signatures before it’s taken up by the Legislature’s joint rules committee. Lawmakers could suspend the rule or send it back to the agency for revisions.

The DNR has been crafting regulations to enforce restrictions under a bill signed into law earlier this year by Evers. The law, which took effect in September, bars the use of foam containing PFAS, so-called" forever chemicals" that have been linked to cancer and other health problems, except in emergencies. The law­­­­­ also allows testing and storage under specific conditions, which include proper treatment and disposal...

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Ken Notes: I did suggest that the details were going to be the hard part regarding PFAS, I was correct. I am nervous that this is now becoming political. We need to sit down with Tyco and other companies, water quality experts, DNR, firefighters, and other interested parties, and and figure out what standards to adopt and the best way to get there. The worst case scenario would be to allow elected officials to legislate a solution without sound input.

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