Environmental, health groups call for mandatory PFAS testing in water systems
Nearly three dozen public health and environmental organizations are calling on state officials to require thousands of public water systems in Wisconsin to test for hazardous chemicals known as PFAS.

“The people of Wisconsin have a right to know if their drinking water is contaminated with toxic chemicals, and the only way to obtain that information is through widespread, comprehensive testing,” the groups wrote in a letter to the Department of Natural Resources.

The DNR is in the early stages of developing standards to limit the amount of PFAS allowed in surface, ground and drinking water, a process that is expected to take another two years and will require approval of the Legislature...

Ken Notes: Careful here we still do not know how to cost effectively treat for PFAS. We need a comprehensive policy not mandates for testing without treatment options. Also does anyone know if PFAS is showing up in the bottled water on or shelves, much if this is simply filtered community water...

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