Sierra Club pans MGE rate freeze, says proposal creates future costs for ratepayers
The Sierra Club is objecting to a deal that would freeze electricity rates next year for Madison Gas and Electric customers, saying it locks in a regressive rate structure while allowing MGE to pocket $1.9 million that it owes ratepayers.

The environmental group said Thursday the existing rate structure is “among the worst of the worst nationally” because of its reliance on “fixed” monthly charges, which take away customers’ control over their energy bills.

The utility has proposed raising natural gas prices by 4.1% while holding electricity rates flat next year as part of a settlement negotiated with consumer advocates and UW-Madison. If approved by regulators, it is expected to raise the average household gas bill by about $27 a year...

Ken Notes: The question is, who maintains the grid in the case of an event that disrupts it. You do not see solar company trucks repairing lines in the middle of a thunderstorm nor do they pay for the repair. We must close the us vs. them gap and sit down and develop a plan for the new energy production and distribution model.

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