Researchers want invasive aquatic critters out of Great Lakes ballast water
University of Wisconsin-Superior researchers are trying to figure out how to better regulate teeny-tiny invasive organisms that stow away on large vessels traversing the Great Lakes Basin.

A new chunk of Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funding — about $5 million — is going to the university’s Lake Superior Research Institute, which investigates how aquatic invasive species infiltrate ecosystems when vessels empty contaminated water from their ballast tanks...

Ken Notes: It is crystal clear now that we are in fact a global economy and marketplace. This unfortunately means we share both the good and band from other nations. My floors are currently covered in a carpet of Asian Lady Beetles that remind me of this daily. Of course Covid, Asian carp, and the organisms in the above article are just the tip of the iceburg. A global policy to track and work together on these issues is needed but right now we are not playing well together.

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