Saudi Arabia ships maiden blue ammonia to Japan for zero-carbon emission power generation
Tokyo — Saudi Arabia has shipped its maiden blue ammonia cargo to Japan to burn possibly together with coal and natural gas for zero-carbon power generation, paving the way forward for the further use of hydrogen in the energy system.

The development came as part of a pilot study, which is being conducted by the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan and Saudi Aramco in partnership with Saudi Basic Industries Corp., the IEEJ said in a joint statement on Sept. 27.

The Saudi-Japan blue ammonia supply demonstration study supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry spans from converting hydrocarbons to hydrogen and then to ammonia, as well as the capture of associated carbon dioxide emissions, according to the joint statement.

Ammonia, a compound consisting of three parts hydrogen and one part nitrogen, can help addressing the challenge of meeting the world`s growing energy needs with reliability and sustainability...


Ken Notes: I have actually been a fan of hydrogen for years. I have driven a Honda powered by hydrogen and like the tech for a number of uses. This way of producing hydrogen is new to me and I intend to follow it closely. I hate to think that Japan and China will lead the way to zero carbon in a cost effective system, but both seem to be moving faster in that direction than the US. We need pro business / pro environment leaders now...

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