With apathy in government task forces, Wisconsinites need to advocate for environmental action

When considering environmental, social injustice in events leading up to elections in November, people must be active in seeking equity

This past summer, I worked as a Statewide Intern for the Lutheran Office for Public Policy in Wisconsin (LOPPW). My time with LOPPW mostly centered around the environment, as  Gov. Tony Evers’ Task Force on Climate Change held special virtual listening sessions this June and July.

These sessions began with a few presentations that highlighted certain issues and solutions, such as the city of River Falls discussing their path to renewable energy and programs like Groundwork Milwaukee focusing on environmental justice and health....

Ken Notes: Interesting read, the problem with the task force and listening sessions is that only the motivated fringe show up. So you have environmentalists who suggest we close all the power plants and large companies, and business lobbyists who suggest the solution is to remove all the environmental protections. Of course the solution lies in the middle but those people have little motivation to show up. When I host a community listening session, I make sure we invite the stakeholders so we do not focus on the fringe. You have to make sure the actual people who will be effected are involved....

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