We Energies, many citizens at polar opposites on fuel facility

IXONIA — In light of what it says are “scare tactics” and a “misinformation” campaign, We Energies has issued more details and clarifications on the liquified natural gas facility it is proposing in the Town of Ixonia.

Brendan Conway, media relations manager for WEC Energy Group, We Energies, said Wednesday that some residents’ claims that the utility is not communicating sufficiently with them is inaccurate and went on to say that a website set up at saveixonia.com in opposition to the construction of the facility is rife with inaccuracies.


Ken Notes: Again we need to talk about this. Liquified natural gas is clearly a bridge (not a solution) to a cleaner environment. Solar and Wind are the answer but both require peak facilities or storage to maintain the grid. Storage is not economical so gas becomes the alternative. If we stop the flow of gas we are back to coal. I am not a fan of carbon fuels at all but if I have to choose between gas and coal...

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