Hard times afflict Massachusetts’ iconic cranberry bogs, as economic and environmental changes reshape the industry

PLYMOUTH — For centuries, the ruby-colored fruit was like gold: tart gems that brought hard-earned wealth to generations of families in Southeastern Massachusetts.

In recent years, however, the state’s billion-dollar cranberry business has soured.

Environmental groups blame the bogs for draining ground water and harming ecosystems with dams, pesticides, and other pollution. Increasing competition from Canada to Chile has created a surge in supply, causing prices to crash. More recently, the Trump administration’s trade war with China has led to a 40 percent tariff on US cranberries, draining tens of millions of dollars from the industry....


Ken Notes: Great read, I have not seen much on Wisconsin production but I am sure the tariffs have to sting a little bit. I hope we can keep cranberries a domestic product, we know very little about how foreign product are produced.

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