Farm Bankruptcies and Tainted Wells in the Dairy State
When Nancy and Lynn Utesch moved their family to Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, in 2004, they didn’t realize they would have to fight to have safe drinking water in their community. At the time, they were aware of the health risks that came with living too close to a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation – a CAFO, or a farm with over 1,000 animal units – but back then there were only two such farms in the county so they settled into a shady yellow house on a dead end road surrounded on all sides by their 150-acre grass-fed cattle ranch.

Over the years, however, as the number of CAFOs in the county increased to 16 by 2014, they saw the detrimental effects these giant farms have on the environment and economy around them. On a recent, windswept July afternoon, they drove out once again to watch as thousands of gallons of fermented cow manure were spread onto neighboring fields of freshly cut grain....


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