Weekly Digest: Retail dairy sales continue double-digit growth

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DTE Energy adds three new dairy-based renewable gas facilities in Wisconsin

DTE Biomass Energy, a subsidiary of DTE Energy, in collaboration with local dairy farmers, recently commissioned three additional dairy-based renewable natural gas (RNG) facilities in Wisconsin. Joining DTE’s four Wisconsin operating RNG assets are facilities co-located at the Rosendale Dairy and New Chester Dairy owned by Milk Source, and Kinnard Farms, owned by the Kinnard Family.

“This is a natural extension of our ongoing efforts to further reduce modern farming’s carbon footprint,” said Jim Ostrom, co-owner, Milk Source. “We appreciate DTE’s expertise in the field, which allows us to continue doing what we do best – milking cows – while DTE creates renewable natural gas.”..


Ken Notes:This is great news the problem is there are 300+ CAFOS in the State of Wisconsin. If all were producing energy we would have cleaner water, more local energy, and a safer environment. This works, is cost effective, and should be the norm not the exception....

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