Report: Technology, policy changes could cut carbon, save money and create jobs

A new report suggests allowing utilities to balance electricity supply and demand through technology such as smart thermostats could help transition the state to cleaner energy while creating jobs and saving customers money.

Harnessing new technologies, focusing on ways to strategically cut energy use and allowing utilities to function as “conductors” rather than simply electricity providers could lead to cheaper, cleaner electricity while also creating jobs, according to a new report.

The report, issued last month by the Mid-West Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) and the Great Plains Institute, includes more than a dozen recommendations from utility, business, consumer and environmental representatives as well as academics...


Ken Notes:Read This! And then lets work with the utilities, renewable providers, business and industry, and farmers to move this agenda forward. We do not need a "Green New Deal". We need a new deal that supports green. And in this case green means not only renewable energy but a working financial model that get us there...

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