Rising nitrate levels found in tap water of some Madison-area suburbs, report says
Municipal water systems providing tap water for more than 1 million Wisconsin residents have been contaminated with nitrate at some point since 2003, according to a new report from an environmental watchdog group.

What’s more, the problem has gotten worse in the majority of places, including several Madison-area suburbs.

Nitrate, which is associated with multiple ailments and can be fatal to infants, is Wisconsin’s most widespread groundwater contaminant, according to a 2018 legislative report from the state’s Groundwater Coordinating Council...

...The findings released Wednesday are based on data obtained under open records law that found nitrate contamination in more than 4,000 public systems in states with the most widespread contamination — California, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin — that supply tap water for more than 45 million people....

Ken Notes: Ya think? Great links in the story. I wonder what these states have in common???

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