Changes eyed for high-capacity well application process after Kaul opinion reversal
The Department of Natural Resources is adding a new list of environmentally-conscious criteria to high-capacity well applications amid a contentious legal battle.

The agency now has the power to consider whether high-capacity wells would potentially disrupt other nearby bodies of water, giving the DNR more power over the wells. The new guidelines, listed on the DNR website, add the following criteria to every high-capacity well application:

  •     Should not be in a groundwater protection area
  •     Should not result in a loss of more than 95% water from surrounding areas
  •     Should not degrade drinking water, groundwater resources or impact public safety
  •     Should not result in significant environmental impact on a 1 cfs spring or larger
  •     Should not result in significant environmental impact on a navigable water body
  •     Should not impair a public water system...

Ken Notes:We are still not addressing the elephant in the room. When you use millions of gallons of water to liquefy millions of gallons of manure to spread on just hundreds (thousands) of acres of land you are going to impact all of the above. Yet we do not even mention the problem.

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