Environmental Groups Dispute Power Plant Mercury Rule Change
Civil rights, environmental, and health groups are suing the EPA for yanking its legal basis for limiting power plant releases of toxic mercury without considering the impact on minorities and low-income people who live near these facilities.

A coalition of 23 national, regional, and state groups, including the NAACP, asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Friday to review the new rule from the Environmental Protection Agency.

“The EPA has taken an action that puts the lives of vulnerable populations at risk and has swept the consequences under the rug,” Earthjustice staff attorney Neil Gormley told Bloomberg Law. “We are taking this action to protect the mercury and air toxics standards that are saving lives and preventing toxic pollution from entering our environment.”

Earthjustice is representing eight of the groups in this lawsuit, including the NAACP.


Ken Notes:We need to focus on actually eliminating major sources of mercury like coal plants...

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