Pristine is overrated

Advocates push to save an urban wetland as part of the Oscar Mayer redevelopment

The pond, almost hidden behind a dentist’s office and Kavanaugh’s Esquire Club just off North Sherman Avenue, isn’t the crown jewel of wetlands. It’s full of invasive reed canary grass and cattails. Alongside it on Roth Street, people are parked and living out of their RVs.

But northside residents point to 200-year-old oak trees, and say that the area is a haven for wildlife, including fox, turtles, waterfowl, redwinged blackbirds and a nesting pair of sandhill cranes. 

Both the pond and surrounding uplands and woods are part of a 30-acre parcel owned by the Hartmeyer family (of local ice arena fame) and leased for years by Oscar Mayer. The parcel is included in the Oscar Mayer Strategic Area Plan (OMSAP) and will likely be purchased and redeveloped going forward. The plan earmarks the area for economic development, living wage jobs and affordable housing...


Ken Notes:These are always difficult issues especially in urban areas. You need to consider the impact and best use for the entire project. I like the offsets that put accessible wetlands into the public domain FOREVER. I have also seen some very creative storm water retention uses...

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