Putting a Green Veneer on the Actions of Trump’s EPA

The Trump administration declared a victory over air pollution in Sheboygan, Wisconsin this week—a timely win given recent polls showing that voters view environmental protection to be President Trump`s greatest vulnerability

It is not clear if Trump`s weak standing in Wisconsin polls will be helped by the announcement that a portion of Sheboygan County, a chronic smog hot spot, has met federal air quality standards. But the declaration, made Tuesday by Environmental Protection Agency administrator Andrew Wheeler in the last of three tours of swing states so far this month, reveals much about the administration`s strategy for putting a green veneer on its record of relentlessly rolling back environmental protections.


EPA Chief Announces Air Quality Attainment Here


Ken Notes:I hate that this is so political. I remember when environmental issues were largely bipartisan. When we stopped allowing any business to have a seat at the table we opened the door for partisan politics to take over. Now we see huge swings in environmental policy.

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