Will Trump`s EPA rule backfire on `energy dominance`?
Approval of controversial oil and natural gas pipelines and other energy infrastructure projects ironically could slow under a new EPA rule meant to speed President Trump`s "energy dominance" agenda, analysts say.

Because of a final rule the agency released last week, regulators now face a strict one-year clock to approve or deny applications for water quality permits for proposed energy projects under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act. That`s a restriction some warn could overwhelm time- and cash-strapped agencies should they need information around what can be sprawling and complex projects.

"I think what this is going to do is cause a perverse incentive to deny [certification] requests," said Mark Ryan, a former Clean Water Act attorney in EPA`s Seattle-based Region 10 office.

Ken Notes: It will hurt, but I remain afraid of the yo-yo effect that will position us to far on the other side that we eliminate positive development and manufacturing projects when we have a new administration. We need to find bipartisan middle ground that understand both global warming and a need to reduce global carbon emissions while at the same time recognizes the need for business and economic development. It really is not that hard, but seems even more elusive today than ever...

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