University of Wisconsin System plans to overhaul model next year

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) — The UW Board of Regents met Thursday, May 7 to discuss a proposal by UW System President Ray Cross, which would dramatically alter how the system operates.

With projected decreased enrollment and reduced state support following the COVID-19 pandemic, UW Board of Regents President Drew Petersen said they need to be proactive.

“These are unprecedented times, and we’re taking alternative steps to make sure that the University of Wisconsin System is prepared for the future.”

Cross’s plan calls for less duplication of courses across the system. All campuses would likely still have basic courses like English, but other classes would be cut, as campuses specialized.

“When I think about UW-Stout, I think about how they’re polytechnic of our campuses," Petersen said. "When I think about UW-Stevens Point, they’re our environmental sustainability campus. UW-Whitewater, our business school.”...


Ken Notes: I love the idea of formalizing the idea of program excellence, but My guess is displaced programs and teachers will protest. It is actually the exception to the rule that a campus like UW-Stevens Point can gain national prominence for environmental sustainability.

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