Environmental Advocacy Group Finds PFAS in Starkweather Creek Sediment
The Midwest Environmental Justice Organization says they’ve found PFAS contamination in sediment near Starkweather Creek in northeast Madison. The organization said they believe more testing is necessary.

PFAS is a class of human-made chemicals used in many household objects like non-stick cookware, food wrappers, and sprays. It’s also used in many firefighting foams.

The family of chemicals has been previously found in 14 of Madison’s 23 water wells. Last March, one Madison well near Truax was shut down due to PFAS contamination....


Ken Notes: Finding it will never be the problem getting rid of it will. I am also fearful of PFAS becoming a tool to protest other issues like the F35s coming to Madison. We need to work with the feds to find real solutions to protect our drinking water...

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