Environmental groups sue EPA over Clean Water Act rollback

A recent flurry of litigation from around the state and across the country could have huge ramifications in California on the protection and distribution of scarce water resources.

Two separate coalitions of environmental advocacy groups filed litigation on Wednesday against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers challenging the Trump Administration`s rollback of the Clean Water Act.

At the core of the litigation is the definition of federally protected waterways, as recent changes in regulatory language have reduced legal protections for huge numbers of streams, especially around the arid West.

The new standard, called the Navigable Waters Protection Rule, notably removes federal oversight from ephemeral waterways fed by rain or snow. The Trump administration announced the rules in January and officially published them in the Federal Register on April 21.

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Ken Notes: I do believe that the most stable job in the US is to be an environmental lawyer.

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