What happened to compromise on environmental issues?

MADISON (WKOW) -- The first Earth Day 50 years ago led to ten years of unprecedented legislation to protect the environment, but many believe that progress came when bipartisanship was at its peak.

In recent years, our environment is becoming a polarizing issue, with elected officials disagreeing about what’s best for our air, water, and land.

Years ago, finding compromise to help protect our state’s resources wasn’t always such a challenge. 

Former Republican Governor Tommy Thompson, who calls himself an environmentalist, said when he was in office he purchased more land than any other administration. 

“Democrat, Republican, Independent we purchased the most but I had tremendous bipartisan support," said Thompson. 

The longest-serving governor said a prime example of bringing both parties together was signing a bill to protect the Lower Wisconsin Riverway, spanning more than 90 miles from Prairie Du Sac to the Mississippi River.

"Nobody said it was possible," said Thompson. “A lot of opposition, but now there`s none and it just shows you know that if you do the right thing people will come around and say, `I`m so happy you did it`."


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