As EPA backs off enforcement, states and cities have little capacity to fill gap

State and local governments often have authority but lack the resources and political will to enforce pollution rules.

Since the Trump administration announced the suspension of much environmental enforcement during the coronavirus pandemic, advocates are calling on state and local regulators, as well as watchdog groups, to step up their efforts to fill the gap.

But that won’t be easy, whether in a Democratic-controlled state like Illinois or a Republican one like Indiana, given the impacts of the pandemic and past staffing and budget cuts that have curbed the ability of states to carry out enforcement.

In a March 26 letter, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency indicated that polluters won’t be fined for failure to meet federal standards during the pandemic. Some experts feel the administration is using the pandemic to continue a trend of backing off on enforcement...


Ken Notes: We truly need a bipartisan policy to protect our air and water that is supported by business and environmentalists alike. Tommy was on the right track and somewhere along the line we dropped the ball which sucks when the ball just happens to be the planet we all share....

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