Report: EPA`s Environmental Enforcement Down In Great Lakes States

A review of data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency shows a trend of declining environmental enforcement, spending and staff in six Great Lakes states. Those are the findings of a new report released by an environmental advocacy group. 

The report by the Chicago-based Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC) found fewer environmental enforcement cases had been opened and closed in EPA`s Region 5, which includes Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. 

The number of cases opened by the agency had hovered at roughly 300 or more until fiscal year 2016 when cases dropped to an average of 230. The group said the data shows there`s also been a sharp increase in the number of major permitted facilities found in significant noncompliance with the Clean Water Act since fiscal year 2017....

Report here.


Ken Notes: We need to form a business coalition to advocate for a cleaner environment with less bureaucracy and red tape. If there were a way for cleaner / green businesses to move forward faster than those not committed to the environment we would all win. As it now stands we yo-yo back and forth between environmental policy at the extremes and everyone loses...

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