TWU team works to cut event`s impact on environment

Magnetic name tags stuck to shirts where paper ones would have been. Metal utensils wrapped in cloth napkins — no plastic utensils. Questions taken via text message to a central number rather than written on dozens of index cards. Cardboard boxes for food waste rather than trash cans for all trash.

During a daylong event at Texas Woman’s University where students and faculty discussed the impact of plastic on the environment, five TWU students worked to see if they could keep the 2020 Sci-Southwest Regional Symposium a zero-waste event.

As the first event of the day, TWU’s Zero Impact Team told an audience of about 50 people the story of how they planned the event with a zero-waste mindset. They met with students and faculty from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the fall to help them map out their journey...


Ken Notes: I have a solution for plastic and other non-biodegradable waste. We should impose a $100 dollar a ton tax or or $200 per ton import tax on all non-biodegradable items and packaging. This money could then be channeled directly to recyclers and manufacturers who reuse the materials or to our landfills who dispose of it.

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