Wisconsin lawmakers introduce sweeping PFAS pollution bill
Two northeastern Wisconsin lawmakers introduced sweeping legislation Thursday designed to curb water and air pollution from man-made chemicals known as PFAS.

Rep. John Nygren, a Marinette Republican, and Sen. Dave Hansen, a Green Bay Democrat, have been working on the package for months in a rare display of bipartisanship on a major issue in Madison’s toxic political world.

Each lawmaker’s district includes both the Marinette and Peshtigo areas, which have been hard hit with PFAS pollution believed to have originated from firefighting foam. Tyco Fire Products, a unit of Johnson Controls, discovered in 2013 that soil and well contamination on its Marinette fire training property contained PFAS. Four years later, the company acknowledged that the chemicals had spread beyond the facility...

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Ken Notes: We are moving in the correct direction but remember that treating for the removal of PFAS is still in early (read expensive) stages. We must work together with the communities, DNR, Legislature, and other to create a long term comprehensive solution for this issue...

The "Don`t kill the messenger" article above outlines the complexity of the issues...

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