PSC approves 149-megawatt solar farm in Jefferson County

Wisconsin regulators unanimously approved construction Thursday of a 149-megawatt solar farm in Jefferson County to produce energy for Dairyland Power Cooperative.

Ranger Power plans to build and operate the Badger State solar farm on about 1,200 acres in the towns of Oakland and Jefferson, about 25 miles southeast of Madison. La Crosse-based Dairyland has a contract to purchase the power.

Local and state elected officials weighed in to support the project, as did Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, which touted the private investment of more than $100 million and the revenue it will bring to local landowners and governments...


Ken Notes: This is good news, now I hope that the utilities can find ways to use rooftop and other developed infrastructure solar onto the grid as well. I would also love to see a utility develop or partner with a developer on natural gas from digestion(Biogas). I know MG&E & Dairyland are working on this and I hope other are as well.

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