Plain Talk: Don`t let Trump weaken wetland protections

The thousands of drivers who jam the Madison area`s South Beltline every day are undoubtedly oblivious of why it is that the six-lane highway traverses a nearly mile-long bridge as it passes over Mud Lake Marsh and the Yahara River just south of the city of Monona.

Therein lies a story of how a then relatively new federal law helped save what today is a valued wetland — a law that Donald Trump`s administration, hellbent on eviscerating environmental safeguards, now wants to weaken...


Ken Notes: Great example in Dave`s article but just down the road highway 51 improvements were delayed for years even though the State proposed replacing culverts with a bridge, why because environmental groups argued the bridge was not long enough. I would bet that some would argue that in Dave`s example far too much of the wetlands were destroyed where it was filled it to get to the bridge. We can not legislate these issues away we need a DNR and an EPA that acts in the best interest of the people they represents. Politics on both sides is destroying the very issues Dave advocates for and changing sides will not fix it.

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