EPA rule change removes federal protections from large swath of waters and wetlands

In a move designed to help business interests, the Trump administration on Thursday announced a new rule to reduce federal protections under the Clean Water Act.

The Navigable Waters Protection Rule sets a "new, clear definition for waters of the United States” that "protects the nation’s navigable waters from pollution and will result in economic growth across the country," said Andrew Wheeler, administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency...


Ken Notes: An example of the pendulum effect I have often written about. In the past there we several areas protected as wetlands that were not wetlands (my favorite example is virtually every storm water retention facility) and this was used by a select few to block projects a community actually wanted. In fact I can think of several projects that agreed to make substantial contributions to sensitive wetlands and were still denied building permits. Now rather than compromise much of this land has been removed from its protected status without any oversight or room for negotiation.

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