DNR begins PFAS rule-making process

Agency`s work will focus on addressing risk of contamination to groundwater, drinking water and surface water

As concern continues to grow about PFAS contamination, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources announced plans Wednesday to institute rulemaking procedures to govern the family of ubiquitous chemical substances found in thousands of consumer, household and industrial products.

The action, authorized Wednesday by the independent National Resources Board (NRB) that oversees  the DNR, comes one day after state lawmakers rejected attempts to enact legislation that would require the agency to undertake a program of tougher regulations on PFAS. But the DNR rulemaking would not replace that proposed legislation, the director of an environmental group says. PFAS substances have been blamed for a growing number of chemical contamination incidents from Marinette to Madison, elsewhere in Wisconsin and across the country.

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Ken Notes: I remain concerned that we will find a problem without a solution. Specifically how do we treat for small amounts of PFAS found in municipal systems. I strongly support removing the chemicals at the source by I fear the day we are told we can no longer dirk water from our tap...

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