Walkabout: It’s not gross. It’s food fit for the planet’s future

I once ate a cricket. At a restaurant. Just popped it in my mouth before my visual mind could react. It was breaded, which made it look less like a bug, and it was good, but as I chewed, my visual mind had its way. I swallowed with a shudder.

The thing I kept coming back to, though, was that the cricket tasted good.

Last week, the Association for the Advancement of Science invited me to join a web seminar for journalists called “Fit to Eat? Algae, Insects and Cultured Meat.”....


Ken Notes: I want more protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals in my diet. I DO NOT want to know where they come from. I love sushi I do not want to know about the eel or seaweed that is in it. Just make delicious healthy foods using great ingredients and call it something I do not know the meaning of.

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