Clean Energy Organizations Appeal Wisconsin Public Service Commission Decision that Discriminates Against Customer-Owned Renewable Energy

Earthjustice and partners defend fair solar competition generated at homes, farms and businesses who produce and sell clean electricity to We Energies in Wisconsin Circuit Court

January 16, 2020
Madison, WI — Today, the Sierra Club, RENEW Wisconsin, Environmental Law & Policy Center and Vote Solar filed a lawsuit challenging the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin’s approval of We Energies’ discrimination against homes, farms, and businesses who produce and sell clean electricity to We Energies. 

The We Energies proposal that the PSCW approved by a 2-1 vote violates federal and state law by paying more for power from their own systems on customer property than it pays customers who own identical systems.

Two of the three Commissioners voted in December to price electricity from customer-owned clean energy significantly lower than how the Commission allows utilities to value electricity from their own power plants.?Chairperson Valcq dissented and would have treated customer generation fairly, according to the Commission’s order...?

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Ken Notes: We are back where we started on this issue, the power companies are responsible for maintaining the grid, cogeneration and the delivery systems that the independent producers need to distribute their product. This issue can not be resolved in the courts but rather we need to sit down and negotiate long term solutions for these issues. It has been fairly stated that the energy companies act on behalf of their shareholders over private producers but we must recognize that they are a business and that is actually their job. I am not supporting their position, just suggesting an understanding of their priorities will help us deal with them in the future.

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