As Utilities Cut Carbon Emissions, Some Transitioning Faster To Renewables

Technology, Regulatory Uncertainty and Investments Play A Role

Major utilities serving Wisconsin are moving forward with plans to increase solar and wind projects as they’ve set goals to drastically reduce carbon emissions over the next several decades. But some are making the transition to renewable energy faster than others.

Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy was the first major utility to announce its commitment to transition to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2050. Madison-based Alliant Energy and Milwaukee-based WEC Energy Group, which owns We Energies and Wisconsin Public Service, have both pledged to cut carbon emissions 80 percent from 2005 levels by 2050.

The transition to renewable energy is being driven by declining costs, customer and investor demand and anticipated policy changes on carbon emissions.


Ken Notes: Must read! We need to help facilitate this change by working together with power companies to decommission their coal operations and bring more renewables online...

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