Quicfrez site cleanup report is in: Cost is more than $1 million

FOND DU LAC - Efforts to clean up a contaminated property — known as the former Quicfrez site, along the east branch of the Fond du Lac River — will cost more than $1 million.

A remedial action report developed by OMNNI Associates out of Appleton, under contract with the Department of Natural Resources, recommends removal of contaminated materials — soil, groundwater, sediment, gravel, boulders, sheet piling — to approximately 8 feet below ground surface on the 6-acre parcel.

High concentrations of diesel fuel, other petroleum-based products and heavy metals like lead, arsenic and chromium contaminated the property on which refrigerator manufacturing and storage took place for decades, beginning in 1916. The DNR said the chemicals seeped 40 to 50 feet underground and into the groundwater....


Ken Notes: Cleanup is difficult and expensive but in most cases needs to be done. Again an opportunity for bipartisan legislative support to seek cost effective solutions with measurable outcomes. I would go one step further, tie some of the profits for the companies doing the work to a successful out come.

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