Battle over proposed Wisconsin gas plant shows shift in climate fight

On a cold, rainy day in early October, five young activists calling themselves “Friends of the Climate” held a news conference outside Minnesota Power`s Duluth headquarters to voice their opposition to the Nemadji Trail Energy Center, a $700 million natural gas plant proposed to be built in neighboring Superior, Wis.

"It is my future, my generation’s future at stake here," shouted 16-year old Izzy Laderman, a student at Duluth East High School. "It makes no sense to me why they want to add another plant, except that the people in charge are so stuck in the toxic tradition of fossil fuels.”


Ken Notes: We can not have a 100% renewable system yet because we do not have the storage capacity to address peak and production issues. I suggest an "earn a gas plant" model where a company can build a gas co-gen facility if they also remove coal production and use solar and wind. Also using bio gas may be win win...

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