Busting 7 of the most common myths about electric cars

Ah, yes, forwarded emails with subject lines like, “The real story behind …” or “Things you haven’t been told about ….”

They can contain much misinformation, and their “facts” can spread at digital speeds. We recently got one from an Australian acquaintance, who helpfully sent it to 70 or so of his closest friends.

Copied and pasted from something he’d received himself, it was titled, “Electric car news you don`t hear much about.”  And, boy, was a lot of it … well, let’s say misleading and out of context. It contained some outright misinformation and a healthy dollop of FUD.

When they apply to electric cars, such materials risk forming lasting impressions among new-car shoppers. So they’re worth trying to rebut.

Early one morning, fortified by a pot of strong tea, we banged out a response....


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