Where`s Wisconsin on the Green New Deal? Supporters praise its potential; detractors say it`s not feasible

The Green New Deal has drawn both ridicule and praise from lawmakers in Wisconsin and beyond. And that isn`t likely to change. 

One side says it`ll outlaw air travel, kill cows and cause every building in America to be demolished and reassembled.

Proponents counter that it has the potential to eliminate carbon emissions within a decade while combating income inequality and creating new jobs. The Green New Deal would fight climate change by the total transformation of several industries and change the economy of modern times....


Ken Notes: Unfortunately politics is preventing the "New Deal" from accomplishing what it should and could do. Specifically the programs should stimulate discussions on what can be reasonably accomplished now, what we can move toward in the future, and what is economically or feasibly out of reach. Instead it has become a yes / no battleground and is largely a partisan issue.

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