Toxic PFAS Chemical Found In 6 Wisconsin Water Systems

More than 600 sites nationwide have been contaminated with toxic fluorinated compounds known as PFAS, according to environmental advocates.

A new report shows that hundreds of sites nationwide — including six in Wisconsin— have been contaminated with highly toxic chemicals, including drinking water systems that serve an estimated 19 million people.

Researchers at the Environmental Working Group, an activist nonprofit group, said this week that at least 610 places in 43 states are now known to be contaminated with perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, known collectively as PFAS. That`s up from the 172 the organization had identified in July 2018...


Ken Notes: Extremely wide range in quantity not a lot of research on how this effects us and in what quantities we need to worry. We need to quickly get the science on this while simultaneously seeking cost effective ways to remove it.

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