Bike to Work Week: Are e-bikes the answer to health, traffic and environmental issues?

Melissa Wenzel got rid of her Toyota Prius in April 2018.

After battling cancer, arthritis and severe knee pain for years, the 41-year-old Minnesota native found an active solution to help her "transition back to a healthy lifestyle that simultaneously helps the environment."

She bought an e-bike. 

"I was just finishing my treatment for leukemia and I had gained a lot of weight," Wenzel said. "I needed tools to help me get active again, so I bought an e-bike that has literally become my car."...


Ken Notes: Bikes and E-bikes are at best a part of the solution, as are mass transit, low emission vehicles, affordable housing in proximity to jobs and much more. Madison can`t even create a park and bike system using the largest parking lot in the county just minutes from downtown. The lot at AEC sits empty most days while thousands from the burbs fight for parking spots just blocks away in the City. I remain confused???

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