Wisconsin DOJ switches sides in environmental lawsuits
Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul has changed the state Department of Justice stance to support an environmental advocacy group in lawsuits dealing with dairy farm expansion and high-capacity wells.

Environmental group Clean Wisconsin filed a lawsuit in 2015 challenging the DNR`s decision to allow a farm in Kewaunee County to expand. The group filed another lawsuit in 2016 alleging the DNR must consider the impact a high-capacity well will have on surrounding groundwater levels before granting permits for such wells. Both cases are now before the state Supreme Court....


Ken Notes: This should really be resolved for the future legislatively. While my idea is not getting a lot of traction, I still believe the solution is to require the digestion of the waste and heating the effluent of the digestion process from farms over 1,000 head of livestock. This is being done successfully right here in Wisconsin. Instead we are using practices designed for much smaller farms with little or no controls and then we react to impact on wells and watersheds.

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