Environmental Groups Divided on Cardinal-Hickory Creek Line

If politics makes strange bedfellows, then transmission policy can create equally unlikely adversaries when it cuts across the competing interests of different environmental groups inclined to agree on most issues.

An example is currently playing out in Wisconsin, where environmentalists, preservationists and renewable energy advocates are at odds with each other over the pending approval of a major MISO transmission line designed to carry wind energy to population centers. Some are seeking to advance the project as proposed, while others support substitute plans that include adoption of local renewable resources.


Ken Notes: I am divided as an individual. I do not like the routes that cut swaths through the Driftless and would advocate following existing corridors. I would also like to see environmental offsets like more land in conservancy`s, trails, support of tourism and eco-tourism, and more. The Driftless is a very special place and we need to be careful as to how we use it.

I understand the need to move power from West to East but Wisconsin should be a large beneficiary if we must provide the highway. The clean energy environmental groups supporting this have much to gain. Specifically customers in the east for their inexpensive power produced in the west. It would be fair to suggest that their support is more economic than environmental.

Finally I believe economics will be the final tipping point and the line will get build so we are back to my original observations that we need to get it done right with the most benefit to the State, our citizens and the environment.

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