2018 WI Sustainability Report

This is the ninth annual State of Wisconsin Sustainability Report... For the last 9 years Tom Eggert has championed his students at UW Madison to write an annual report that is a snapshot of Wisconsin’s successes, challenges and opportunities. In the spirit of progress, this report is crafted to bring awareness to how Wisconsin measures up across the triple bottom line, that is, economically, ecologically and socially. By highlighting the strengths and opportunities that exist in our state, we can build a constructive dialog about where we need to improve and prioritize not only our goals, but also our resources.

Ken Notes: I forgot to include this last week and it is a must read!

Tom is retiring so we need a class or group to produce this report going forward. ATTENTION NELSON INSTITUTE are you listening, a great project, a great learning experience, a great opportunity to work with business and industry in the state... I`m just saying....

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