Protecting our most precious resources

Edgewood prof makes a compelling case for public lands

One remarkable thing about Steven Davis’ new book, In Defense of Public Lands, is the photographs. There are 12 of them, including the cover, all taken by the author. They depict places of great natural beauty throughout the United States: the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan, Zion National Park in Utah, Coconino National Forest in Arizona, White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, and even Owen Conservation Park, on Madison’s west side.

The photographs powerfully remind the reader what is at stake — the future of the idea, now under unprecedented attack, that our nation benefits from having places owned in common for the public good, as opposed to being parceled off for private profit or relinquished to the states...


Ken Notes: I have to agree, if we could monetize our public lands through tourism and other public uses, we could reduce the more environmentally harmful uses like mining, sand, and CAFO`s. If the land is just sitting there... Also this is a strong case for land trusts and public ownership...

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