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Ken Harwood
Advocating for Wisconsin
Editor [at]  KenHarwood.com


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President Announces Plan to Trim Size of EPA
President Donald Trump promised `tremendous cutting` at the Environmental Protection Agency. Nearly 400 employees have left the agency since Aug. 31, largely due to buyouts. As a result, the agency is on course to become the smallest it`s been since Reagan was president in 1988.

The phrase "climate change" has been singled out and eliminated in grant applications, according to Washington Post interviews with employees. That effort is led by past Trump campaign aide John Konkus, who reportedly calls it the "double c word."

Konkus, an EPA public affairs officer, has been given the responsibility of vetting the hundreds of millions in grants annually awarded by the agency to universities and nonprofits. Former EPA officials told the Washington Post that they had never heard of a similar arrangement.

Konkus, an EPA public affairs officer, has been given the responsibility of vetting the hundreds of millions in grants annually awarded by the agency to universities and nonprofits. Former EPA officials told the Washington Post that they had never heard of a similar arrangement...


Under Trump The EPA is More About Politics Than Science

Ken Notes: I have mentioned for the past five years that climate change is dividing us politically.

Let`s talk clean water and clean air, less carbon, no more foreign oil, renewables, green jobs, new business development, tourism, green building, sustainable ag and dairy.

Green is good -- I do not care about what is bad and there are hundreds of millions in grants annually awarded to prove I am right (right get it)...


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Science and beauty build well performing homes.
Steve Homa, president of PEA Builders, always wanted to be an architect but switched gears slightly after designing and building a deck during his junior year at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. “At that point, I realized that building was something I really enjoyed and had a particular talent for,” he recalled. He then started Deck Design & Construction even before graduating with his degree in architecture. During that same time, he met and married his wife Mary, who became his partner in the new business...   ...more

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Walker to sign $3 billion incentive package for Foxconn

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker plans to sign into law a $3 billion incentive package for electronics giant Foxconn Technology Group.

Walker announced Sunday that he will sign the bill on Monday at Gateway Technical College near Racine. That southeast part of Wisconsin is where the Taiwan-based company plans to build a massive display-screen manufacturing plant that could thousands of people.

The incentive package is the largest in U.S. history offered by a state to a foreign corporation. It`s 10 times larger than any previous state incentive in Wisconsin.

Foxconn could only get the full $3 billion if it invests $10 billion on the project and employs 13,000 workers...


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Report Highlights Clean Energy Job Growth In Wisconsin And Midwest

Wisconsin Numbers Now Top 26,000
Clean energy jobs grew 6 times faster than overall jobs in the state

Jobs in energy efficiency, renewable energy and other clean energy sectors continue to grow in Wisconsin, according to a new report released by Clean Energy Trust, an Illinois-based nonprofit and funder of early-stage clean technology firms, and Environmental Entrepreneurs, a national, nonpartisan business group.

The annual report, called 2017 Clean Jobs Midwest, found the number of people working in clean energy jobs in Wisconsin grew by about 1,700 last year, or 7 percent, amounting to more than 26,000 clean energy jobs in the state.

Erik Birkerts of Clean Energy Trust says the report also showed growth throughout most of the 12-state Midwest region. ....

The Report is here 2017 Clean Jobs Midwest!


Ken Notes: Hmmmm... twice the 13,000 number I have seen in the press with little or no investment from the public sector?????

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Meet the 2017 Badger Bioneers
Three local champions will earn the title of "Badger Bioneer" at Sustain Dane`s 9th annual Badger Bioneers Conference. Nominated and selected by members of the greater Madison community, these awardees will be recognized for their pioneering work that fosters Big `S` Sustainability, inclusive of a strong community, just economy, and healthy planet.

Sustain Dane is pleased to announce the 2017 Badger Bioneers:
  •   Aaron Perry, Rebalanced-Life Wellness Association
  •   Natasha Smith, REAP Farm to School Program
  •   Project Green Teen, Shabazz City High School....

.....Meet the 2017 Badger Bioneers for an evening of intimate dialogue and refreshments at the Badger Bioneers Cocktail Party on Monday, September 25. Grab your tickets now to honor the awardees!....


Ken Notes: Congrats!!!

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Wisconsin May Undo 20-Year Mining Moratorium

Water concerns are a top concern as some Wisconsin legislators work to end a 20-year mining ban in the state.

Legislation currently under consideration “would end the moratorium on sulfide mining in Wisconsin” and retool “other regulations aimed at easing the way for future mining projects in the state,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported...


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Schneider Electric to Build Advanced Microgrid at Nature Preserve

The Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve – which touts an 18,000 square-foot environmental center in Wisconsin – will also soon be home to a new advanced microgrid.

Schneider Electric will partner with Faith Technologies to build and support the fully islandable microgrid, which will provide power to the non-profit nature preserve’s environmental center and contribute to its resilience and sustainability goals, according to Schneider Electric. The project is expected to be completed in December...


Ken Notes: Interesting and a good idea. What if we used public land to host more solar in the state???

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Seeking greener construction, Chinese delegates visit U.S. wood construction authorities
TACOMA - A delegation from China’s Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) visited Tacoma, Washington-based APA-The Engineered Wood Association and toured wood-framed building projects in Seattle on September 11.
The delegation, led by Director General Yu Binyang, was the highest level foreign government group to visit APA in recent years. In addition to APA, the trade visit was hosted by the USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Lab (FPL), located in Madison, Wisconsin....

Ken Notes: Wouldn`t it be cool if our little Forest Products Lab became a global leader in environmental sciences and sustainability. SURPRISE they actually are, and with a little political support they could do so much more. Why are we more excited about foreign technology than are very own local expertise. P.S. Not one mainstream media outlet ran a story on this!!!!

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SunPeak Madison News Search
SunPeak is a turnkey developer of commercial solar PV electricity systems based in Madison, Wisconsin. Businesses can be assured their turnkey project will be professionally handled from initial feasibility study to final commissioning. Projects typically range from 100 kW to 5 MW (hundreds to thousands of solar panels) and offer significant cost savings relative to conventional utility electric rates.

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Amid environmental change, lakes surprisingly static

In recent decades, change has defined our environment in the United States. Agriculture intensified. Urban areas sprawled. The climate warmed. Intense rainstorms became more common. But, says a new University of Wisconsin–Madison study, while those kinds of changes usually result in poor water quality, lakes have surprisingly stayed the same.

The authors of the article, published online Wednesday in the journal Global Change Biology, assessed changes in measures of water quality, including plant nutrients and algal growth, in 2,913 U.S. lakes from 1990 to about 2011. The researchers found that, “despite large environmental change and management efforts over recent decades, water quality of lakes in the Midwest and Northeast U.S. has not overwhelmingly degraded or improved.”...


Ken Notes: Good news, I wish we could say the same thing in Madison about non climate related changes like ag runoff and storm water...

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Game-changing mine bill pits environmental groups, business interests against each other

LADYSMITH - During its four years of operation, the Flambeau Mine produced copper, gold and silver from a deposit that was relatively small, but rich.

It closed in 1997, the last mine of its kind to operate in Wisconsin.

That could soon change.

In a major policy shift for the state, a bill by Republican lawmakers would strike down restrictions on such mining, ushering in a new era of mineral exploration...


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Wisconsin residents push back against mine looming just over state line

As Wisconsin lawmakers consider a bill aimed at attracting mining jobs, state residents are standing up against an open pit mine proposed for a site in Michigan 150 feet from the river that forms the state line.

The elected boards and councils of six counties, four municipalities and the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin oppose the Aquila Resources Back Forty project in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula...


Ken Notes: Just got back from the UP it is pristine country. I worry that open pit chemical mining would be tough to regulate. I would like to see if we could exponentially increase tourism in the area recuse jobs and revenue are needed...

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Meteor Timber seeks changes to wetland permit for Monroe County frac plant

Wisconsin environmental regulators are considering new conditions for a controversial Monroe County frac sand plant that would require what environmentalists call “massive” wetland destruction.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources issued a notice Thursday regarding possible changes to a permit issued in May allowing Meteor Timber to fill 16.25 acres of wetlands for its proposed $65 million processing and loading facility. According to the notice, Meteor has requested the DNR modify the permit to reflect “current construction and design specifications” in satisfaction of conditions attached to the permit....

...The DNR has scheduled a public hearing on the project for Oct. 6 in Tomah....

....Meteor has proposed to restore and preserve more than 640 acres of other land — including more than 296 acres of existing wetlands — near the the 752-acre site between Warrens and Millston, which would serve two nearby mines on land the company acquired in 2014 when it purchased nearly 50,000 acres of Wisconsin forest....


Ken Notes: I have mentioned for four years now that sand is big business and very political. We need to regulate an industry that is not going away. I am a fan of the offset proposal but we need stronger management goals and a way for much more land to enter the program. Also we need a reclamation plan in place with funding, at the onset of these projects. It is impossible to make sand a win win but just say no is not going to work. I have seen the money and it is more than enough to influence the political landscape.

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Miron Construction

Miron Construction News Search

Miron specializes in providing innovative pre-construction, construction management, design-build, general construction and industrial services.

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More central Wisconsin schools are going solar

EAGLE RIVER, WIS. (WSAW) Three schools in central Wisconsin are installing solar energy systems this week. The projects coincide with a statewide trend that ranks Wisconsin 9th in the nation for the number of schools with onsite solar systems.

Crews are currently installing large solar panel arrays at Northland Pines High School and Eagle River Elementary School in Eagle River, along with Land O` Lakes Elementary School. The schools join more than 140 other schools in the state using solar energy to produce clean, renewable energy, save money and teach kids lessons about energy...


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Foxconn`s Wisconsin plant raises environmental worries

Foxconn Technology Group is being enticed to come to Wisconsin with numerous regulatory waivers, raising concerns from environmentalists who are wary of the company`s reputation in China, where it has been accused of polluting rivers.

The Taiwan-based company best known for manufacturing Apple products insists that its new plant won`t damage the environment. Regulators say they`re simply streamlining the process for the company to set up shop, while still policing its activities....


Ken Notes: Foxconn has to be aware that they can be held accountable for environmental damage regardless of efforts to streamline the development process. If they are not these stories need to include reminders to that effect.

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Transportation Budget Blocks Some Local Regulations On Sand Mines, Quarries

Local Government Advocate Calls It A Compromise, Business Lobby Wants Restrictions Expanded

Local governments would not be allowed to regulate air and water quality or restrict blasting at some sand mines, quarries and gravel pits under a provision in the state transportation budget. 

The state Legislature`s budget-writing committee inserted language into the spending plan Tuesday that would restrict how local governments regulate sand mines, quarries and gravel pits that supply material for public works projects after April 2018.

In essence, the policy would bar counties, cities, towns and villages from restricting things like truck traffic, blasting and setbacks. It would also block local governments from setting their own air and water quality standards beyond those enforced by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources....


Ken Notes: Sand is coming back strong as fracking expands. With a weakened DNR and State taking a hands off approach the last hurdle is local government and now the state has this in the cross hairs....

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Weighing the Environmental Risks Of Electronics Fabrication In Wisconsin

When it comes to the environmental impact of manufacturing electronics, there is an essential distinction between fabrication and assembly. Creating the basic components that of a device is a process that fundamentally results in a variety of byproducts, some of which can pose threats to ecosystems, human health and essential resources. Putting those components together into a finished product requires energy and resources too, but this step leaves a much less significant environmental footprint...


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Retired DNR Scientists Organizing Effort To Increase Public Information On Environmental Issues

Wisconsin Green Fire Members Feel State Republican Leadership Trying To Keep Scientific Data From Public

A group of retired environmental scientists are organizing in Baraboo this weekend with the goal of improving public outreach on environmental issues in light of cuts to the state Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin System.

Wisconsin Green Fire is a group of retired DNR and UW scientists who feel Gov. Scott Walker and Republican state lawmakers are limiting public access to environmental research....


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Critics of Foxconn deal point to environmental reputation in China

Foxconn Technology Group is being enticed to come to Wisconsin with numerous regulatory waivers, raising concerns from environmentalists wary of the company’s reputation in China, where it has been accused of polluting rivers.

The Taiwan-based company best known for manufacturing Apple products insists its new plant won’t damage the environment.

State regulators say they’re simply streamlining the process for the company to set up shop.


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MREA Hosts Wisconsin Solar Tour in Support of the World’s Largest Grassroots Solar Tour Event

Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) is organizing a free state-wide Solar Tour as part of the 22nd Annual National Solar Tour. In collaboration with the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and hundreds of solar installers and grassroots organizations throughout America, thousands of solar-powered homes, schools and businesses ? throughout Wisconsin and across North America will open their doors to the public in celebration of the 22nd Annual National Solar Tour, the world’s largest grassroots solar event.

The 2017 Wisconsin Solar Tour is free and open to the public. It will be held Saturday, October 7, from 10:00a.m. – 4:00p.m. Homes and businesses in Wisconsin will open their doors to the public and showcase their solar technologies, and sustainable living techniques.


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Wisconsin affiliate of the U.S. Green Building Council

Wisconsin Green Building Search


WGBA has combined forces with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and together we will pilot a new model for USGBC chapters and local market engagement...

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A Grant Could Offset Your Brownfield Clean-Up Costs

Sometimes the best property in town is a brownfield. You can use existing infrastructure, it’s near downtown, it’s near your end users, and the price is right. The benefits are clear. But what about the added cost for brownfield clean-up?

You may be able to offset costs of environmental remediation with a grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC).

WEDC provides grants to individuals, businesses, local governments, and nonprofit organizations to help them redevelop commercial and industrial properties that have environmental contamination. The property is eligible for the grant if the party that caused the environmental contamination is unknown, can’t be located, or is unable to pay for the clean-up. The contamination must be documented by Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental site assessments.

Grant Eligible Activities

  • Environmental investigation, monitoring, and remediation of soil, groundwater, and vapor contamination
  • Demolition
  • Removal or capping of contaminated soil
  • Installation of vapor barrier and venting systems

Grant recipients must provide at least 50% of the funds needed for the eligible activities, but generally, due to program demand, recipients provide a minimum of 70% of eligible project costs....


Ken Notes: These could go away in future budget cycles - look into this now....

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OPINION: It`s time to end the mining moratorium in Wisconsin

A public hearing was held in Ladysmith recently to hear testimony on the “Mining for America” legislation we introduced several weeks ago. Ladysmith was home to the Flambeau mine — the only example of a metallic mine that was successfully permitted, constructed, operated and reclaimed under the state’s existing regulatory framework. We thought it was important to hear from residents from northern Wisconsin who live, work and raise families in the area surrounding the mine.

The crux of the Mining for America legislation is to end the mining moratorium currently preventing mining companies from even considering Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the only state in the nation with a moratorium in place. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has been consistent since the moratorium was introduced in the late 1990s in saying that the moratorium brings no value to the permitting process or protecting the environment...


Ken Notes: With a politically weakened DNR now is NOT the time to lift the moratorium. If Sen. Thomas Tiffany want to move forward, he need to prove that the DNR can and will regulate the industry. He seems to want it both ways....

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Westby Utilities announces wind energy resource

Utility customers in Westby will soon receive even more of their electricity from cost-effective renewable energy thanks to a recently announced agreement between Westby Utilities’ not-for-profit wholesale power supplier, WPPI Energy, and Invenergy. Under the agreement, WPPI Energy will purchase the output from Invenergy’s 132-megawatt Bishop Hill III Wind Energy Center.

“This highly cost-effective resource is an excellent addition to our utility’s power supply, said Ron Janzen, Director of Public Works “When Bishop Hill III comes online in 2018, we will more than double the amount of energy we receive from wind resources, and our power supply will be more than 40 percent emission-free.”...


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Minnesota Department Of Commerce Finds No Need For Line 3 Replacement

Opponents to Enbridge Energy’s Line 3 replacement project in Wisconsin are celebrating news that the Minnesota Department of Commerce has found no need for the replacement project.

Line 3 carries up to 390,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada to Enbridge’s terminal in Superior. According to Enbridge, replacing the pipeline will increase safety and nearly double its capacity — with the potential to carry up to 760,000 barrels of oil per day. But, according to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, there’s little need for the project and it may be better to shut down the old line....

....Enbridge spokeswoman Jennifer Smith says they disagree with the Minnesota agency and that they`re confident Minnesota regulators will see the importance of the project. The company is now waiting for a decision from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission expected to come next April....


Ken Notes: Interesting... I love the last part --- you do know that regulators is code for legislators right??? It is clear that the Minnesota Department of Commerce does NOT have to run for election...

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Independent DNR secretary...

“Only an independent DNR secretary can restore the DNR’s mission of serving the needs of all Wisconsin citizens, not just the big corporations,” Evers said in a statement.

Walker’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In 1995, then-Gov. Tommy Thompson used the state budget to give himself the power to appoint the DNR secretary and place that person in his cabinet. District administrators in the agency were also added to the list of gubernatorial appointees....


Ken Notes: Politics aside, I do support this idea, alas I would hate to see a return to a DNR with little interest in economic development. When Tommy did this I am sure he had no idea what the future would hold in fact George Meyer and Darrell Bazzell are among my favorite leaders of the organization...

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More School Districts Using Energy Efficiency Program To Exceed Revenue Limits

A growing number of school districts are voting to exceed revenue limits for energy efficiency projects, while state lawmakers seek a ban on the program that lets them do it. 

The Revenue Limit Exemption for Energy Efficiencies program lets school boards vote to borrow money beyond revenue limits set by the state to pay for things such as new boilers or more efficient lighting. The idea behind the program is that energy efficiency upgrades will pay for themselves and help districts save money on utility costs. 

Nearly twice as many districts have used the program this year than during the same timeframe in 2016.

The Revenue Limit Exemption for Energy Efficiencies program was created in 2009 and got little attention early on, according to research by the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance.


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SCS Engineers

SCS Engineers Search

SCS - At the forefront of sustainable environmental solutions for over 40 years

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Environmental Groups Oppose Possible Boundary Waters Mining
Mining returned to the news in Wisconsin recently with an effort authored by state Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Rob Hutton to repeal Wisconsin`s Mining Moratorium Law. But in nearby Minnesota, environmental groups are raising alarm bells about proposed mining near the 1.1 million acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness...   ...more

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Keep Hounding Out of Wisconsin’s National Forests
MADISON, Wis. – A number of environmental groups, including the Endangered Species Coalition, want to keep hunters who use packs of dogs out of public lands in Wisconsin, including the state`s national forests.

The groups say the hunters and their dogs have made the public lands inhospitable, and they want the federal government to launch an investigation into the practice.

Robert Williams is a Madison resident who frequently camps on public lands in northern Wisconsin. He says the packs of hunting dogs wreak havoc on the native wildlife...   ...more

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It has been nearly 30 years since special environmental protections were put in place for a 92-mile stretch of the Lower Wisconsin River — from Prairie du Sac to its confluence with the Mississippi River. By most accounts, the river bluffs and water in the main channel are in good shape. But scientists are increasingly concerned about the sloughs, or backwaters of the river, because of excessive growth of algae and other vegetation...


Ken Notes: Again a very difficult problem on a very beautiful streach of river and the problem may be miles away...

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Locals celebrate Dunn County property`s new ownership by DNR

DUNN COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) -- A Dunn County property that was purchased with intention to build a nuclear power plant, and for years saw misuse by the public.

“It would`ve been a disastrous idea to carry that out,” says Eleanor Wolf, former chair-person of the Lower Chippewa River Alliance.

“This area as well as the rest of the ownership had been horribly overrun with ATV traffic, garbage dump sites and things like that,” says Jess Carstens of the Wisconsin DNR.

The Tyrone property finally began to see potential when previous owners Xcel energy began managing the land they owned since the mid-1970s....


Ken Notes: Think about publicly owned: reclaimed sand mines, trails adjacent to power lines, low impact camping and hiking along our waterways, additional wetlands....

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6 states, including WI, have swan-removal policies: “A beautiful bird can have harmful impacts”
ALBANY, New York — With its snow-white plumage and elegant posture, mute swans are exalted in European ballets and fairy tales as symbols of love and beauty. But to many wildlife biologists, they are aggressive and destructive invaders in U.S. habitats and must be wiped out....


Ken Notes: This is a great read, this like all environmental issues is VERY complex and multi sided. We need an independent and intelligent DNR to manage issues like this because the court of public opinion (me included) is just not educated enough to make these calls. And Swans are east compared to sand, oil, wetlands, water, air....

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Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council

WI Sustainable Business Council Search


The WI Sustainable Business Council is a network of Wisconsin businesses and organizations that are interested in, or actively responding to, the challenge of sustainability.

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Menominee Tribe seeks stricter federal oversight in Michigan mine fight.

In its continued fight against a mine near sacred waters, the Menominee Indians of Wisconsin want stronger federal regulations to apply as officials weigh the final permit for mine approval.

At issue is the Back Forty mine, a proposed 83-acre open pit gold, zinc and copper mine in the southwestern corner of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The mine would sit within 150 feet of the Menominee River, which forms the Michigan-Wisconsin border—and is namesake for the Menominee Tribe across the border in Wisconsin...


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Q&A: Wisconsin Public Radio`s Joy Cardin signs off the air

For years, Joy Cardin has been an companion for hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites as they drive to work in the morning. But soon, the public radio personality will hang up the headphones.

Cardin announced last month that her final broadcast would be on Sept. 29. She will retire after 14 years broadcasting “The Joy Cardin Show,” and after more than 30 years with the network as a journalist and as a programming director, in addition to her hosting.

The show has been a call-in current affairs show that, as Cardin puts it, is talk radio minus the shock and minus the shouting. It’s a show about informing the public, facilitating civil discussions, and “changing the world,” said Cardin....   ...more

Ken Notes: Joy did a lot to keep environmental issues front and center, I wish her well and extend my thanks for all her work on a sustainable Wisconsin. Joy you can come to my house on the Sugar River for coffee anytime...

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Some of our links... Many more at WDNGreen.com
Links we like supporting Wisconsin`s Environment and Business. More will follow each week...

USGBC Wisconsin
Focus on

The Water Council

WI Sustainable Business Council

Sustain Dane

Midwest Energy

Focus on Energy

Renew Wisconsin

Clean Wisconsin


Search News
Natural Heritage
Land Trust

University of Wisconsin Sustainable Management

USGBC Wisconsin

Ken Notes: Share this and if you want to be included:
Call us - 608.334.2174 or Editor [at] WDNGreen.com....

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$2 Million in Cash Grants from WI`s Focus On Energy Announced for Commercial Solar
Applications for the ~$2 million in solar grants available from Focus On Energy (FOE) are due Oct.13, 2017.

FOE`s new solar funding can greatly improve project financials, and may be combined with the existing 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and accelerated depreciation tax benefits.

Cumulatively, these incentives can now cover upwards of 60% of a solar project`s costs.

Commercial solar electric systems installed in 2017 or 2018 are eligible for these cash grants through a competitive bidding process.

As full grant parameters are complex, SunPeak is offering free grant writing and submission services for committed customers.

Commitments must be secured by Sept. 22, 2017 to ensure adequate time for grant compilation.

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Importance of solar energy underestimated by a factor of three
The growth of solar energy has been grossly underestimated in the results of the models of the IPCC. Costs have dropped and infrastructures expanded much faster than even the most optimistic models had assumed.

A new study by the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (MCC) shows that in 2050, the percentage of photovoltaics in the global power supply could be three times higher than previously projected. According to the study, published in the journal Nature Energy ("The underestimated potential of solar energy to mitigate climate change"), the share of solar energy will likely range between 30 and 50 percent, instead of 5 to 17 percent, as suggested before—even if the global demand for electricity continues to rise....   ...more

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‘Fighting Bob Fest’ coming to Milwaukee

Now in its 16th year, “Fighting Bob Fest,” the annual festival for progressive politics, is coming to Milwaukee for the first time...

The Milwaukee event will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 16, at the Tripoli Shrine Temple, 3000 W. Wisconsin Ave.  Headline speakers will be:...

The event will also feature two panel discussions on building racial and environmental justice in our communities. Local and state-wide organizations will be represented by information tables at the event...


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Potential Foxconn Site Comes Into Focus As Lawmakers Wrap Up Action

The $3 billion financial incentives package to bring Foxconn to Wisconsin is up for final legislative approval Thursday. Meanwhile, with the city of Kenosha`s decision to pull out of the running for the project, there are more signs that the electronics factory would be built in Racine County.   

That prospect has some environmentally-minded residents weighing the potential economic benefits Foxconn could bring to the region with the impact of having a massive electronics factory in their corner of the state...


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Doctors to discuss Shirley Wind Farm`s health impact in Suamico public meeting

SUAMICO - Experts will discuss wind turbines and their possible effects on human health Tuesday during a public meeting in Suamico.

Brown County officials have invited four authorities to discuss issues and answer questions from people who have concerns about potential impact from the turbines at the Shirley Wind Farm.

Richard Schadewald, a county supervisor who heads the Board of Health, said the event will feature scientists from multiple sides of the wind issue.

Some people, including several living near the either turbines of the Shirley site, believe low-frequency sound from the turbines can cause sleep problems, headaches, nausea, irritability and other symptoms. Others insist no evidence exists to link windmills and illnesses....


Ken Notes: I do have most of the symptoms and not a windmill within miles...

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R.A. Smith National

R.A. Smith National Search


Our ecological staff provides needed information to clients, enabling them to make informed decisions about their land use planning efforts and site development decisions. Our goal is to facilitate our clients’ project needs without compromising the important values that natural resources provide to the community.

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Mercedes-Maybach goes green with Vision 6 Cabriolet

Mercedes-Benz is showing its view of an ultraluxe convertible of the future with its Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet unveiled Friday in Pebble Beach, Calif.

The Vision 6 Cabriolet is engineered and designed as an electric car with output of 750 hp and a range of more than 200 miles.

It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds, Mercedes says. A quick-charge feature allows for enough power to charge the car in five minutes to boost driving range by around 60 miles....


Ken Notes: I may be in love!!!

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City administrator’s view: Real Flambeau Mine story free of problems

It is refreshing to me to learn that legislation is being introduced to lift Wisconsin`s long-standing moratorium on metallic mineral mining. We here in northern Wisconsin can potentially share in the economic gains that our neighbors in northern Minnesota and Michigan are looking forward to with current mining projects under development....


Ken Notes: Don`t shoot, just the messenger...

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New Research Shows Solar Energy May Have Been Undervalued

Has the future reach of solar energy been underestimated? New research shows it may be so.

Previous studies have estimated the share of solar energy by the year 2050 would be between 5 and 17 percent, according to a University of Wisconsin-Madison news release. However, a recent study from the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change showed the percentage of solar energy worldwide will be three times higher than originally projected. More specifically, the share by 2050 will likely be between 30 and 50 percent....


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Green automotive future lacks vital components

Why don’t we have energy rating labels for our cars and other vehicles?

We think we already do — via the checks on tailpipe emissions and CO2 that are backed up by government legislation and the car manufacturers themselves, with the latter always looking for ways to reduce emissions via lower fuel consumption. So it’s all good....


Ken Notes: Some very interesting thoughts here...

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Wisconsin and National Links for GREEN Resources
We try to include links to help you consider your GREEN economic development options in Wisconsin. Businesses feel free to send us your information here.   ...more

Ken Notes: Feel free to include this link and logo on your website. Our Tools and Resources are always a click away. Also a new easy to use address:


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Plans To Increase Amtrak Service Between Twin Cities, Chicago Move Forward

Project Still Faces Obstacles To Secure Funding For Additional Trains, Infrastructure Improvements

Efforts to add a second Amtrak train between the Twin Cities and Chicago are moving forward.

Transportation officials from Wisconsin and Minnesota held a public meeting in La Crosse this week to get feedback on the first phase of environmental studies.

"This is looking at doing some pre-environmental tasks, and also doing alternatives analysis on the route and operations modeling for how the second train would impact freight rail, and also would determine the infrastructure improvements that are needed to add the service," said Praveena Pidaparthi, project manager for the Minnesota Department of Transportation....


Ken Notes: I wish we had done the corridor when we had the chance...

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We may now need to build a coalition that is willing to lobby from a "greener" yet pro business perspective. Lots of HUGE issues: Sand Mining, CNG, LEED Alternatives, Focus On Energy, LED Lighting R&D, Cleaner Power Generation, Recycling, Power Lines, Electric Cars, Wind, Solar, Bio Fuels, Digestors, Green AG, Business Incentives...And of course the Greenest and Happiest of Holidays to you!

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